Love Story

The Start of Something New

Once upon a time there was a girl from Norway who wanted to do something different with her life. She was 16 and had just started high school. Her name was Marie and she had lived in the same place her whole life. “What can I do?” she asked herself.  She thought about having a new hobby, but could not think of any interesting ones. However, when she heard her friends talk about a girl who went to study abroad, she got an idea. She decided that going as an exchange student to USA, would be the right thing for her to do.

Time went by and suddenly she was on the plane to USA. This was the first thing she had done alone. The excitement made her heart go faster and the butterflies in the stomach to come. She had no idea how this year would be. No idea how the people she was supposed to live with was, how the school and the other students would treat her. The thought scared her, but this was supposed to be her own adventure. The first time for her to have responsibility for herself and her own happiness. This was truly going to be a memory for life.

Arriving the small city called Fayetteville south in USA, the lady she was going to live with for a year, waited for her at the arrival. She jumped up and down with a Norwegian flag in each hand. As she jumped, her fat jiggled. She was very fat, maybe the fattest person Marie had ever seen. When she spotted Marie, she welcomed her with a big hug. Her name was Sherry and she was 60 years old.

After a week, Marie had started to getting to know Sherry and the little city. This day she was going to attend her first day at the American school. She was very nervous and excited at the same time. Little did she know, that at this day she would meet a person that would make a huge impact on her life. She walked down the long hallway at her new school. The walls were covered in red lockers. In front of the lockers, there were all sorts of different people. She spotted the jocks, the geeks and the emos, but the one who really stood out of the crowd was this one guy. Not because he looked different from the others, in fact he looked like the most normal guy you could spot, but because she knew he was the one.

He had brown hair with crystal clear blue eyes. He was the most handsome guy Marie had ever seen. Her heart started immediately to go faster. She made eye contact with him for a couple of seconds, even though it felt like ages. When she had passed him, she had to find out everything about him. It was love at first sight, and she knew this was the start of a love story.

Letter to Zainab

Dear Zainab,

I know we have not talked for a while, but you are the only one who understands my points of view. Lately, I feel that nobody else does. Let me fill you in on what is going on.

Raising my kids to be good Muslims, while also pleasing my British wife and the Pakistani community is difficult. Even though I am trying to earn respect from all the different groups, it only seems like the more I try, the more things fall apart. I tried to marry off Nazir, but he rejected it and ran off. I cannot believe that my own son would do such a thing. Disrespect the Pakistani community and embarrass his own family.
However, to get my respect in the Pakistani community, I tried to marry off my two other sons. I believed that they would have enough respect for me to agree on me with this, but instead they went against me and made me look like a bad person. Why will they not understand that what I want for them is the best thing? Kids these days has no respect and only care about themselves.

I really do not know what to do with my children anymore. If you have any advices on what I can do with my children, please write me back.

From George.

Thoughts on Macbeth

Today we saw a movie called Macbeth in class. Macbeth is written by William Shakespeare. It was a very interesting movie. I must say that it is not my favorite work from Shakespeare. I usually do not like these sort of movies, and found it hard to keep up with the movie without getting bored.

I found it difficult to understand both the plot and language. The activities we did before watching the movie helped a little bit, but it was still difficult to understand. I remembered some of the words they used as “thy” and “thou”. Unfortunately, it was still difficult to understand. This may be the reason for why i did not enjoy the movie.

The event i thought was the most exciting, was when Macbeth killed Duncan. Although I did not enjoy seeing blood. However, the part i least enjoyed was when the father to the little boy was killed in front of him. I did not like seeing the look on his face.macbeth

Letter for Trump

Dear Trump,

Congratulations with being the new president. As we all know, being the president of America is a huge responsibility, therefore I will try to give you some advices.

First of all, you have said things that offends people. You have mocked Mexicans, Muslims, women and people with disabilities. When being a president, you have to make it better for everyone, not certain groups. Saying you will build a wall between Mexico and ban Muslims from entering the country will not embrace the multicultural society, but make a split. In order to become a good president, you have to watch your mouth and build trust to all groups.

Furthermore, you should learn more about policy. You have to understand immigration, healthcare and foreign policy more than just based on the basic facts. You say you would never hire a guy who does not know what he is talking about to run one of your construction sites, so why would you think this is not the same with Americans?

Being from Norway, I am concerned about you being the president. Your out comings about nuclear weapon as “what good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you are afraid to use it”, freaks me out. We have been close to a third world war before, and we do not want a new war.

I have many more things to say, but I do not want this letter to become longer.

I hope you listen to my advices and wish you good luck.


What Is the Best Way of Increasing Vocabulary in a Foreign Language?

There are several methods of increasing your vocabulary, but what works the best is individual. However, here are the methods that works the best for me:

  • Reading books or stories. By reading stories you can build emotional and sensory contexts around new vocabulary. You can memorize new vocabulary quicker and deeper because you link it to characters, places and relationships.
  • Learn groups of words that goes together. When you remember phrases instead of single words, you will know when to use the words and what they actually mean. Therefore, you will use the words more often in your sentences.

Claudia + Potatoes=True

Today I went to Oslo with my class to talk with visitors.
Walking towards the ferries on Aker brygge, I met a couple from Germany.Their names where Claudia and Peter. They could not speak very good english, but that did not stop them from having a conversation with us.

Claudia and Peter had just arrived with the ferry and where on their way to see the castle. This trip where one of their many travels they had been on since their marriage in 1984.

Talking about what they did for a living, led us into the big subject: food. Claudia is a chief and what I find interesting is the answer I got when I asked her what the best thing she ever has tasted was. Thinking I would get a spectacular, fancy dish as answer, I got very surprised when the only word she said was “potatoes”.



Guess the Country

This week my homework was to describe a city, country or a district without saying its name. Can you guess which country I am talking about?

The country I am talking about is the oldest one in Europe. Many Norwegians goes on holiday to this country in the summer. Famous people like Pique and Erique Iglesias comes from this place. You can not go to any restaurant without seeing the dishes ”paella” or ”tapas” on the menu. If you need another hint, the country is known for bullfighting.
The summers can be very warm, so many people like to drink sangria on the beach. The country is known for its architecture. The architecture consists of extreme carvings and a lot of decorations. People from all around the world visits to see Casa Batllo and the Sagrada Familia cathedral. Shopping in the country is not to bad and brands like Zara, Bershka and Pull&Bear are from this country.

Bilderesultat for sagrada familiaBilderesultat for bullfighting